YouTube Downloader Google Chrome

YouTube Downloader Google Chrome

Many people find it difficult to download their favorite videos from YouTube. The videos posted on YouTube provide such features as “like it,” “add to favorites” or “share with friends.” When it comes to downloading the videos, however, the site does not provide any option. People interested in such downloads often use external third-party programs.

However, this does not necessarily have to be the case. With YouTube Downloader Google Chrome, users can download the videos right within their Web browsers.

As its name clearly suggests, this is a special application for downloading videos from YouTube within the Google Chrome Web browser. This plugin lets you download any video you want as you watch it on your Chrome browser. It integrates with the YouTube interface to provide the formerly missing download option.

This means you will find the download option among the features mentioned above. You can thus download your favorite videos just as you would choose the existing options. Downloading and saving videos from YouTube becomes a matter of pointing and clicking.

You only need to click the “download” option and select where you would like to save your videos.

What Makes YouTube Downloader Google Chrome Special?

Apart from the convenience of downloading videos as you watch them without having to fiddle with another program, YouTube Downloader Google Chrome also does its job quite fast. Do not worry about waiting for hours for that music video to complete downloading.

In addition, this YouTube video downloader gives you the option to choose the format you want to use. You can download your videos in FLV or high-definition MP4 formats. You may also opt to save your downloads as MP3 audio files.

The drawback is that it only downloads videos from YouTube. It would have been even better if it could use other video hosting sites.

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