Youtube Batch Downloader

Youtube Batch Downloader

The Youtube Batch Downloader is advertised as a tool that allows users to download, convert and join multiple videos in to one single file. The program is no longer supported by its developer, and users will need to wade through the menu and interface in order to learn how it works. The menu is not that intuitive or user-friendly, and this is definitely not the best program for beginners.

It does allow users to convert files to various extensions, and this makes it easy to export downloads to portable media players and smartphones. The option to join multiple files together is another plus, and many other download utilities do not offer this feature.

This is not a powerful or easy to use program, and users may want to consider looking around for better options. It will not work for any other websites, and it takes a long time to get everything set-up and configured properly. The lack of documentation makes the process even more complicated, and it seems that the developer has abandoned this project altogether.

The program is designed to work within a web browser, and not all of them are compatible. Glitches, crashes and other technical issues are common, and the program seems to work well with older browsers. There are many problems with this software, and users will be much happier with other tools that make downloading videos from Youtube easy and hassle-free.

The program may be worth downloading if the developer would release a patch, include better instructions or provide some sort of support. The Youtube Batch Downloader is a cumbersome, inefficient and complex program that misses the mark on many different levels. Enjoy downloading videos from Youtube by choosing a different program that offers a more user-friendly platform and interface.

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