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It's time for digital photography software to evolve. It used to be acceptable for an image editing program to take up massive amounts of system resources and take forever to start up, but those days are now long gone. Before, users didn't need to worry so much about load times or portability because most image editing was done on desktop PCs in the home or office. Nowadays, however, quite a large amount of the digital image content that is created comes from cameras attached to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Now a solution is needed for those who want to take photos and edit them on the fly. Youcam Metro is an application that does just this very well.

Youcam Metro is able to handle the requirements of photographers who want to create humorous or touch-up-type edits on their images that they have taken using their tablet computers. Users will love how easy and fast it is to use Youcam, which provides interesting and creative options such as distortion and ripple effects. Now there's an application that allows consumers to take a picture with their tablet computer and immediately fix color issues, remove glare, and perform comedy editing all within minutes. This is a great option for on-the-go people who enjoy photo editing and sharing with friends.

For graphics design professionals and other individuals who like to use a full-featured software package for image editing and photo corrections, Youcam Metro may not be the best choice. But for those who want to have fun and do some light editing, this application is much preferable to more resource-heavy editors like

PhotoShop or the Gimp. And since it's a free program, there's really no reason not to have it installed on your tablet computer.

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