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YouCam Metro was designed specifically for Windows 8 Metro by CyberLink. YouCam Metro allows users to capture photos, still images and video directly from their device’s built-in camera. This software is free to download and install.

CyberLink has a strong reputation amongst active webcam and video users. YouCam Metro’s webcam abilities include videochatting with friends, family and business clients.

It’s hard to miss YouCam Metro’s obvious design inspiration. The interface resembles Apple Photobooth and is just as easy and efficient to use. YouCam Metro edits entire video clips at a time or edits individual frames according to the user’s specifications.

When a photo or image is taken, YouCam Metro can enhance it with only a few clicks of a button. Image lighting and brightness will be instantly adjusted. It’s possible to make YouCam your tablet’s default video and photo application. The fast launch time means that within seconds of taking a picture, you can start adding special effects and distortion filters.

Similarly, YouCam Metro helps users change the audio levels and output settings of their videos. Budding home filmmakers will no longer need to worry about sound distortion.

Some users have found drawbacks to YouCam Metro. In particular, there are no Internet sharing capabilities. It also does not come with any analog filters.

Despite YouCam Metro’s inability to share pictures and videos over the web as easily as other programs make it, YouCam Metro’s photo editing effects and functionality make it a worthwhile download.

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