Webshots Desktop

Webshots Desktop

These days, it seems like computers are everywhere you look. Desktops, laptops, mobile devices, even our phones - everyone is connected, and they want that connection to be as personal as possible. One easy way to show off who you are through your technology is by having a fresh, unique desktop. The standard offerings one has access to on their own machine are ok, but they can feel a bit bland, especially as time passes. One solution to this problem is the Webshots Desktop.

The Webshots Desktop is a Windows program that allows the user to amass and manage a library of desktops and wallpapers through the use of its own vast database of images. The basic version is free, but limited. There is a pro version that lifts these restrictions, but it will cost you. Webshots itself has been around for a while, but this program is relatively new. It is community driven, and largely tethered to your web browser.

The Webshots Desktop contains both flaws and positive attributes. You can read below to see a brief pro/con summary of this program.


The Webshots Desktop library is truly vast, probably due to a combination of its age and the fact that it is somewhat community-driven. If you can't find anything you like, or if you think you've got something cool to add, users can contribute their own images.


This program is Windows-only, so Mac users and others are left to find an equivalent on their own. A free version does exist, but it is almost painfully limited, and both versions rely quite heavily on the user having Internet access; a stable web connection is imperative.

The decision to use or not use this program is left to the user alone, but the above review should make their decision an easy and educated one.

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