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KMPlayer is a free, lightweight media player that supports a variety of video and audio file formats, including OGG, DTS and AC3. It includes video and audio-capturing functions, and it offers a multitude of playback controls, skins and configurations. Keeping up with other popular media players on the market, KMPlayer offers an advanced built-in audio equalizer, and it even includes 3D playback for HD and Blu-ray movies. KMPlayer includes overlay screen controls, audio-video effects, A-B repeat and key remapping. In addition, it supports subtitles and includes a feature that plays corrupt or incomplete AVI files.

Another advantage of KMPlayer is KMP Plus, a system that lets the user organize audio and video and share it between other users. KMP Plus acts as a central hub that makes accessing songs and movies on the computer quick and easy. With the Album Art 2.0 feature, KMPlayer can automatically group similar videos and create easily recognizable poster images. In addition, it can extract album art and let the user create and organize a music library. KMP Plus also includes the Open Service Flash Platform, which lets users access and install Flash apps of their choice. Furthermore, pressing F1 opens the online forum that offers instructions and tips from other KMPlayer users.

The KMPlayer installation does include an optional toolbar, but it's not necessary to install it. After installing the player, it may take some time updating the program, but it starts flawlessly upon completion. KMPlayer competes with other popular media players on the market; therefore, it offers RealMedia and QuickTime file playback to reduce the amount of players that a user must install on one system. With MKV and WMV support, KMPlayer plays almost every known file available. From capture tools to color controls, KMPlayer offers plenty of features for even the most advanced users.

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