Google Map Buddy

Google Map Buddy

Despite what you may be expecting, this software isn't actually made by Google. However, it does allow you to take full advantage of Google Maps. Created by the United Kingdom-based software company Augmented Reality, this convenient tool makes it easy for you to take bits and pieces of Google's maps and instantly piece them together to create a single large map.

It's a very simple idea, but it's a practice in tedium to do manually. You'd have to go to Google Maps and find all of the pieces of the map you desire. Then you would need to get image-editing software, open up a huge blank project a paste each of those tiny map pieces into it, one by one. It's enough to make you want to just buy a map.

The newest version of Google Map Buddy is a standalone program designed for Windows. It automatically connects to Google Maps and allows you to choose the area you desire. After that, you can choose a zoom level, which lets you create maps in excellent detail. The software even downloads all of the pieces of the map you want and sticks them together to make a single image. It saves this file in a convenient PNG format and presents you with the option of deleting the map pieces once you're finished. You can then print out the entire picture and use it as a free and convenient map.

Google Map Buddy is capable of quilting together a map that contains up to 24,000 by 19,000 map sections, a number that the software's creators say they felt was more than adequate. In addition, you can choose which kind of map you wish to download: satellite view, terrain view or roads. You can also select the hybrid mode, which saves a transparent layer over another map type. Best of all, Google Map Buddy is completely free.

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