It’s certainly not difficult to find a media player application. It’s not even all that hard to find a free media player. Finding a good media player can be more difficult, depending on your definition of “good” media player.

If you want to watch streaming videos offline, the best media player is AK-Player, which offers a number of features not found in other media players.

When you watch streaming videos, the files are saved to your computer, but they’re saved to a temporary folder on your hard drive. Finding these streaming media files is usually difficult, if not next to impossible. Even if you do find the files, you can’t run them in most media players.

That’s where AK-Player is different. AK-Player will play those files, and rather than your having to manually search through every folder and try to uncover hidden files in hidden folders, AK-Player will scan every folder on your computer looking for streams from videos you’ve watched. It even searches system folders and hidden folders, where the streams are often buried, and locates the files for the videos.

AK-Player then plays your streaming videos while you’re offline, and since it supports practically every video format, you can watch anything you’ve streamed, without worrying about file format incompatibilities.

If you love to watch YouTube or other video sites, you can now watch your favorite videos online. AK-Player can also open several files in separate windows, and provide a smart playlist for each video file in its own window, so you can quickly move between video file windows and play different videos without having to close the video you’re watching and open a new one.

AK-Player has a couple of other really nice features.

Video zoom lets you zoom in on parts of a video you’d like to see more closely.

But you don’t have to just watch videos; AK-Player can also play streams of music if you’re a big streaming music fan, so you can listen to your music offline.

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