If you need a way to turn your Wi-Fi capable computer into an Access Point to share its connection with other computers and devices, Connectify is exactly what you need. The program automates the process, allowing you to share your computer's Internet connection without spending an excessive amount of time on setup.

One of the best features of Connectify is its seamless automation. You simply start the program and follow the simple onscreen steps to get your connection up and going. The user interface looks great and works beautifully, and monitoring features allow you to see all of the computers and devices using your wireless connection. Connectify even helps you set up your firewall properly, making it one of the most failure-proof programs of its kind.

Connectify's developers have been hard at work keeping the software updated. The program now supports Windows 7 and Windows 8, which should delight users who recently upgraded to Microsoft's new OS.

Early versions of Connectify worked great if you used a web browser, but its connections were unstable for online games, video streaming and other high-draw applications. The newest version of the program addresses this issue, and in our testing, it worked extremely well. The software even detects other programs on your machine that could affect its ability to set up Access Points and allows you to take appropriate actions to share your wireless connection without a router. The developers even made the error messages more user friendly.

Overall, Connectify is a very user-friendly program with loads of features that make it an indispensable tool for people who need to set up Access Points. It performs all of its advertised functions automatically and gives you great monitoring tools for managing your connection. If you need to share your computer's Internet connection wirelessly, this is one of the most effective tools available.

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