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  • AOL 9.6

    AOL might not be today's hottest web browser but it has legions of loyal fans that have watched the Internet grow up around AOL and still support the platform whenever a new release comes out. The end result is that many...

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  • TweetDeck 3.7.3

    TweetDeck allows power users of the popular Twitter application to use their browser to instantly access all of the important features of Twitter in the convenience of the browser itself. There are several standout...

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  • Timeline Remove (Chrome)
    Timeline Remove

    Over the last few months, Facebook has steadily implemented a new feature called Timeline. The feature makes your Facebook profile look more "high-tech" by adding a header image and streamlining all of your posts...

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  • Timeline Remove (Firefox) 1.5.1
    Timeline Remove

    For millions of people, Timeline Remove for Firefox as been a Godsend. While some people appreciate Facebook's innovative "Timeline" interface, there are millions more that prefer the simple, classic look of the popular...

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  • Timeline Remove (Internet Explorer) 0.9.8
    Timeline Remove

    Some Facebook users really, really don't like change. They're extremely vocal when the popular social networking website changes anything about profile appearances and functionality, and the recent forced upgrade to...

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