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  • Unlocker 1.9.2

    If you’ve ever tried to delete a file in Windows and gotten an error saying the file cannot be deleted because it’s in use by another application, you may feel frustrated and not a little irritated.Deleting a file...

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  • Recuva 1.52.1086

    Data recovery professionals often charge exorbitant amounts of money to recover files that have been lost due to hard drive failure, corruption, or accidental deletion. These services are essential, but for those who...

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  • Teracopy alpha 5 3.0

    Whether it's transferring your music and movie libraries to an external location, making a photo album for the grandkids, or moving a lot of large files at work, the task of moving many files of large size can become...

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  • Google Drive 1.23.9648.8824
    Google Drive

    Google Drive, Google’s latest addition to the Google Doc’s line of products, introduces real-time synchronization between Docs and the user’s own computer. Upon installation of the light Google Drive...

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  • SuperCopier 4
    SuperCopier 4

    SuperCopier is a fairly basic program that cuts, copies and pastes files from one location to another. Windows Explorer already allows you to copy files, of course, but SuperCopier is noticeably faster. Its designers...

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  • DiskAid 6.7.2

    DiskAID is a simple app that allows you to use your iPod Touch or iPhone as an external storage device. If you're looking for a way to back up files from your computer onto your iPhone or vice-versa, it's a suitable...

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  • 4shared

    4Shared is a file sharing software that allows the user to upload different types of files and send them to anyone across the internet. It will even allow the use of sharing files with people who don't have the program...

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  • Protected Folder
    Protected Folder

    If you've ever had a friend ask to borrow your laptop and had an inward panic attack about what they might see in your files, you've probably wondered how you can lock or hide those files without appearing suspiciously...

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  • EasyRecovery Professional 6.21.02
    EasyRecovery Professional

    If you've ever accidentally deleted a file or lost data due to software issues, operating system failures or other events, EasyRecovery Professional might be able to get your data back up and running. The program...

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  • USB Drive Data Recovery
    USB Drive Data Recovery

    USB Drive Data Recovery is designed to recover lost, corrupted or deleted files from removable flash media devices. If you've accidentally deleted or formatted a USB drive or other device, USB Drive Data Recovery's...

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