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I started using the Video Downloader because it was easy to download and install, and it supported Firefox as well as Internet Explorer. I can download videos and music with the click of a button, and managing files is easy as well. There are no complicated settings, and the menu is easy to navigate.

I have tried numerous file downloading utilities in the past, and this one is the most intuitive and user-friendly. It automatically detects video or audio streams, and the download button becomes active as soon as the program captures the link to a file. I can choose from a wide range of settings that give me more control over files, and I can also create a download cue that will work in the background.

This video downloader does not interfere with my browsing, and it takes minimal resources to operate. Download speeds are fast, and I can easily access my files from a control panel that comes with the package. I prefer to use Firefox over Internet Explorer, and this utility is optimized to work with the latest version of my browser. They also provide regular updates that keep everything running smoothly, and I have yet to encounter any problems.

I highly recommend this utility for anyone who needs a powerful and easy to use download tool. This is a fantastic freeware add-on, and it comes with many of the bells and whistles that are common with payware alternatives. It works on almost any website that offers streaming media even if they do not have a direct download link. I give this tool high marks for its compatibility with a range of browsers, stable platform and easy to use interface that makes downloading files a snap.

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