Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is remote desktop sharing software for PCs using Windows operating systems. It allows users’ remote access to their PCs for the purpose of administration, support, and educational services. Because Ammyy’s remote access happens over the internet, the first concern a user may have are firewalls and other connectivity problems. Fortunately Ammyy Admin allows users to get past firewalls, NAT connectivity problems, and port mapping in a secure and simple way. With a one-click functional design, Ammyy lets users avoid the hassle in a highly secure session environment by using an advanced algorithm encryption methodology.

Ammyy allows remote access to your computer anywhere in the world without requiring you to know esoteric commands or to struggle with advanced settings. It takes only a few minutes after Ammyy Admin has been installed to begin accessing your computers remotely. Between the ease of use and the simple user interface, Ammyy Admin is suitable for any computer user.

Ammyy Admin can also be used without requiring a human being to be present at the accessed computer. This means users can control their computer at the office or at their friends home without requiring them to physically be present. Ammyy also allows you to view the screen of the connected client as well as quick and easy file transfer between the connected machines.

This program does not require an installation and can be launched with a single file that is less than a megabyte in size. There is no required user registration, and a free non-commercial copy of Ammyy is available with up to 15 hours of connectivity per month. And because Ammyy offers exceptionally fast performance, the limiting factor in any remote access scenario will be the user’s internet connection. All of this packaged with powerful advanced settings and exceptionally secure services makes Ammyy Admin a top shelf program for anyone who is looking for remote access software.

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